About WONASA ?

World Natural Stone Association (WONASA) is an association of some of the leading companies who have come together to address the new challenges in the fast changing globalised world and promote the natural stone industry. The new world characterised by fast economic growth in a large part of the world has meant the emergence of new markets with great potential and also the development of the natural stone industry in new countries. The members of this association feel there is a need to educate the users of natural stone industry of its advantages in different applications and to increase the level of professionalism among the professionals who work in the natural stone industry. Given the heightened sensitivity to environmental issues in todays world the members of WONASA feel it is necessary to highlight the innate greenness of natural stone, something the industry itself has often overlooked.

The Mission of the WORLD NATURAL STONE ASSOCIATION (WONASA) has been defined as the following:
  • To promote and increase the use of natural stone in the world markets.
  • To educate the stone industry and society of the positive features and advantages of natural stones, a natural green product.
  • To identify the new challenges facing the industry in the globalised, modern world and to develop solutions for facing them.
  • To encourage new ideas , technology and exchange of information relevant to the natural stone industry in a mutually , beneficial way.
  • To interact with international organisations and different government authorities, when necessary , with the objective of promoting the natural stone industry and encouraging industry friendly pro active policies.
  • To ensure eco friendly , sustainable mining with full safety standard.

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