Granite is currently found only on Earth, where it forms a major part of continental crust. The patterns and rich tones of granite never fail to inspire. Simply captivating, granite is affordable, easy to install and virtually indestructible.


Granite is formed underground by the cooling of magma (molten rock). Deep within the earth, beyond the mantle layer is a deep layer of molten rock. The molten rock is formed when the naturally occurring radioactive elements within the ground break down and decay. This decaying reaction of the material releases large amounts of heat which melts the rocks around it. As geological events happen such as the moving of Earth’s plates or the build-up of pressure from the heat, the magma is pushed toward the surface. As the magma gets closer to the surface it also cools, creating internal igneous rocks. One of such rocks is granite. Granite can be a mixture of mainly quartz and feldspar but also may contain mica.


Usually Granite is buried under sedimentary rocks which make up most of the Earth’s surface. The challenge is to extract granite as much as possible from the quarry while losing as little as possible due to damage during the extraction process.

Miners start by a geological survey of the deposit site. They outline a section of solid rock wall and they start by drilling holes along the outline. They feed explosive cables into the holes and set the explosion off. The explosion detaches the section. They use a combination of rock drills, steal pegs, plates and wedges to cut the granite layer and cut it down further, until they have blocks measuring to the required block size. The blocks may be small but each one weighs more than 40 tons.


Granite is one of the strongest forms of stone available on Earth. They last for centuries and are very durable. For this reason people prefer granite at public buildings.

In the processing plant the granite block is cut into the desired shape and size by using a Gangsaw or Multiwire saw or a Block cutter. It could take anywhere between 8 hours to 7 days to cut a single block of granite depending on the technology used for cutting.

After sawing, granite is sent to epoxy process to be coated with a protective layer. It is the sent to the polishing machines for a smooth and shiny polish. A perfectly polished black granite can even be used as a mirror.

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